Area 11 Research

We empower our clients to trade competitively in the US cash equity markets.

Our solutions incorporate special order types, market microstructure models, predictive alpha, and low-latency systems into your trading strategies.


Algorithms & Routing

We work with clients to build customized routes and algorithms that leverage special order types, market microstructure models, and predictive alpha to maximize your trading edge. We also provide specific components that can be integrated into existing offerings, such as a futures-based pricing signal that gets passed through to the cash equities market.


Quantitative Signaling

We continuously research, develop, and maintain a library of quantitative forecasts with multiple predictive horizons. We offer stand-alone signals for integration into your existing trading, as well as fully built routes and algorithms that leverage a collection of predictive signals.


Systems Development

Our in-house development team has significant experience in building robust low-latency systems and components. We license individual libraries, including 15c3-5 risk checks, market data feed parsers, order book builders, and order managers, and can build custom components for you. All our systems are implemented in low-latency C++ and can be tuned to your particular needs.


Best Execution

We apply data-driven optimization to our clients' order routing logic. We assess execution quality utilizing proprietary analytical software that aligns transaction records and historical tick data, including historical order books feeds, in order to evaluate performance on an order-by-order basis. We assist buy-side clients and broker-dealers in tuning their execution technology to leverage the specific feature sets of trading venues. We also provide comprehensive data analysis services for litigation and regulatory inquiries.


Compliance and Risk

We provide regulatory consulting and customized compliance systems for broker-dealers. Areas of development include pre-trade risk controls for 15c3-5 compliance, compliant intermarket sweep order routing and monitoring systems, and software to prevent disruptive and manipulative trading activity.